Analytics Recent Events

The analytics for your recently completed events can be viewed in detail. See the guide below for how to do so.


  1. From the MyStreamSpot Portal, click View statistics.View_statistics.png
  2. Scroll down to the Recent events section. Here you'll find a list of archives from your recently completed events.The list is sorted from newest to oldest broadcast. Each event has a Stats button and Watch button.recent_events.png
  3. The Stats button will take you to the analytics for your broadcast which displays a variety of information, including unique viewers and total views, a map of where users watched from, as well as a list of each unique user, their IP info, location, platform and how long they watched. 
  4. The Watch button will take you to your player page and allow you to watch an archive of the broadcast. 
  5. You will also receive a note if there are any archives associated with an event you search for such as Trimmed archives.event2.png