Date Range Search

The new StreamSpot Analytics now has a Date range search that allows you to search for a specific date or date range.  You can do this from the Broadcast Analytics page under Date Search.  Simply select a specific date or range and hit search:



After hitting search you should see your result page which includes the Viewer Locations, Unique Viewers, Total Views and how many Hours Consumed. All of these metrics are also broken down into Live and On-Demand viewer counts. Along with an expanded list of those viewers and a search box if you would need to do another search.  


The Viewer Locations will give you a map view breakdown of where your viewers are watching from.  The more you zoom in the more broken down the results get as seen below.


You also have the iin-depthview of both Live and On-Demand viewers. Clicking Show/Hide will minimize or maximize the lists.


 This is also a searchable list, if you type in the Device in the Filter Results box, for example, it will return the results for the specific device.  These lists are limited to 300 results per page. If there are more than 300 results you will see the pages at the bottom to navigate through.  You can also export these results to a CSV if needed by clicking on the Export Results to CSV button.



At the bottom, there is a search box if you would like to a do additional searches, or the button to return to the Analytics homepage.