StreamSpot ONE Firmware Update Ver. 2.3

We are pleased to announce the latest firmware update for the StreamSpot ONE Encoder. With this new update, a variety of new features are now available to bring visibility and increased stability to your StreamSpot ONE. 

Real-time encoder status:

  • Now you can check the overall encoder status from the MyStreamSpot Customer portal.  This new functionality displays the status of A/V sources, system uptime, encoder logs and relevant error messages. 


  • An example of a StreamSpot ONE with an invalid A/V input:

Backup Recording to USB

  • You can now save a backup file of your broadcast to a USB device using the USB ports on the back of the StreamSpot ONE. You can find instructions for this process here


Upgrading your StreamSpot ONE

  • If you have not already installed this update you will be notified through the MyStreamSpot Dashboard (see screenshot below).  You will be directed to download and install the new firmware (see instructions here)


From the management page, you can follow the links to install the update yourself. If needed you can contact StreamSpot Support at to assist you. 



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