StreamSpot ONE USB Backup Recording

With the newest update to the StreaamSpot ONE (ver 2.3), it is now possible to backup broadcasts to a USB thumb drive plugged into one of the two USB ports on the StreamSpot ONE. This article will explain how to set up this feature and access the content. 

First, you must access the local interface of the StreamSpot ONE by finding it's IP address. To do this you must be on the same local network as the StreamSpot ONE. After you have confirmed you are on the same network you will want to download the Videon Discovery Application which you can find here.  

Once on the page, you will find the download link on the right-hand side of the page. 

Next, select which version of the application you will need for your corresponding computer. 


After downloaded run the program to find the IP address of your StreamSpot ONE. 


Now that you are on the Web Interface click the Output Settings box from the Encoder Control section.

Now, choose the File Recording tab, click ON and name the desired files what you want them to appear as on the USB Drive. Click Apply when finished.


The files will now backup to your thumb drive in a .ts format video. You can simply change the extension to .mp4 to allow better compatibility. 

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