AXIS IP Camera Static IP

StreamSpot requires all IP cameras to either have DHCP Reservation on the network or a Static IP put on the camera in order to support them for streaming.  Below we've included the steps to set a static IP on your Axis camera.


1.  Log into your Axis Camera using the cameras IP, if you do not know it you can find it by using this knowledgebase article.


2. Navigate to the Setup section in the top right.


3. Then go to TCP/IP under Basic Settings on the left.


4. From there you can navigate to set a static IP under the "Use the following IP address" of your choice and test it.


5. Make sure to save these settings at the bottom in order to make sure these changes take effect.



This will help reduce issues where your network resets due to power or internet outages and causes the cameras IP address to change and result in a blue spinning axis circle instead of your camera image.