StreamSpot Helpdesk Overview

You can track your support requests, review your support history, submit new requests and more from within the Helpdesk section of your MyStreamSpot Portal. Below is a guide to navigating and using the Helpdesk section.


From within your MyStreamSpot Portal, you'll find your Support Summary directly beneath your Plan Usage Summary. This will let you see your Open Requests, Support ID, and Closed requests at a glance. Click "View Support Requests" to be taken to the helpdesk overview page, or simply navigate to



  • Alternatively, you can access your Support overview by clicking "Help"  at the top right of the page and then "Manage Support Requests" from the drop-down menu. 



Once you've arrived at the helpdesk section of your portal, you'll see a lot of handy information. You can create a Support request by clicking the button on the left. 



A history of your Support Requests is listed here as well. The date, status, and subject can be seen and quickly filtered. 



The status of your request is color-coded for quickly seeing which requests need your attention. A legend appears on the page as well, for easy reference.



Clicking "View" will direct you to the Support Center, where you can view the details of your request.