How to Activate your StreamSpot Account

You can activate your StreamSpot account at any time during your free trial by clicking the "Activate Now" button in the MyStreamSpot customer portal:


If you wish to cancel activation and resume your trial, simply click the "Cancel Activation" button:


The first step is to select your StreamSpot Plan and billing frequency. Discounts are available for both Annual and Bi-Annual Payments.  For more information on prepayment discounts, check out this article.


Once you've selected your StreamSpot Plan and billing frequency, you'll need to add a credit-card for payment.  Additionally, you can select a different plan by clicking on "Choose a Different Plan":



Once a valid payment method has been added, a summary of your StreamSpot Plan, special discounts and prepayment discounts (if applicable) will be displayed for your approval.  You can modify your prepayment options by clicking on the "Update Pricing" button under "Payment Terms".


To complete the activation of your StreamSpot Account, simply click the Activate Account using account ending in "xxxx" button:


If the transaction is accepted by our payment processor, your account will be activated.  You can access your receipt for the activation by clicking on the link displayed after activation or by visiting

To learn more about how StreamSpot Activation and Payments work, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below: