Change your Billing Frequency

StreamSpot offers discounts for customers who opt-into annual and bi-annual billing.  To review the discounts for prepayment, please check out this article

To change your billing frequency, please follow these instructions:

  • Click on "Change Billing Frequency" in the MyStreamSpot portal:1.jpg
  • Select annual or bi-annual payments and click "update pricing":2.jpg
  • Once you have verified the discount, click "Looks good, take me to the next step"
  • Review the invoice items for accuracy, they include:
    • The total cost of the plan (multiplied by the number of months, 6 for bi-annual, 12 for annual payments)
    • The total discount applied for prepayment
    • Any bolt-on fees (additional viewer capacity, storage, etc.)
  • 3.jpg
  • Once approved, click "Purchase using card ending in "xxxx" (this is the card on-file used for StreamSpot services)
  • You can cancel by clicking on "cancel and keep monthly billing"
  • If the transaction is approved, your next invoice date will be updated to the term selected (6 or 12 months from current date)

Some StreamSpot plans are not eligible for annual and bi-annual payments.  If you receive a notification that you cannot change your plan online, simply contact StreamSpot Support or your account representative and they'll be happy to make your changes for you.

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