Prepayment Discounts and Bi-Annual & Annual Payments

StreamSpot offers prepayment discounts for both bi-annual and annual payments of StreamSpot service plans.  The discount rates for prepayment are as follows:

  • 6% for bi-annual payments
  • 12% for annual payments


Here are some important rules that you need to understand about StreamSpot prepayment discounts:

  • Prepayment discounts only apply to StreamSpot service fees.  Bolt-on fees such as additional viewer capacity, extra storage, server-side transcoding, etc. are billed at regular price.
  • Prepayment discounts cannot be used with lifetime discounts (discounts that never expire)
  • Prepayment discounts cannot be used with any other discounts.  
    • the first month of service will be billed at a 50% discount
    • the remaining 11-months will be billed at a 12% discount
    • the first month will not include both (ie. 62% discount)
    • For example, if you select Annual payments (12% discount) and the 50% early activation discount (good for 1-month):
  • Bi-Annual & Annual Payments are non-refundable
  • Bi-Annual & Annual Payments are not available on any Legacy pricing plans.  They are only available on the current pricing plans, to see those please visit StreamSpot Pricing.

You can select your payment terms during the Activation of your StreamSpot account, or you can move to annual or bi-annual payments for your existing account.  To activate a pre-payment discount, simply select the term from the dropdown and click "Update Pricing."