Manage Bank Account (ACH) Payments

New Streamspot customers will no longer be able to add a new bank account (ACH) as a form of payment. Existing ACH customers will still have the ability to utilize their existing bank account for payments, as well as update ACH information using the portal.

StreamSpot invoices can be paid by bank account (ACH) payments.  To manage ACH payments, simply follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to
  • Select "New Bank Account":add-bank.jpg
  • Add the bank account information and click "Add Bank Account":enter-bank.jpg
  • If you need help locating your bank account number and routing number, utilize this guide:routingnumbers.jpg
  • If the bank account is accepted it will be listed in your payment sources. You can edit the bank account information by clicking on the "Bank Account":edit-bank.jpg