Set Primary Payment Method


 Streamspot by Subsplash has now updated our billing system to utilize Stripe for a more streamlined and practical approach to making payments. As a result, there have been some changes to the payment process so we will note them here.
To set your Payment method, navigate to or utilize the account settings drop down menu to manage payment information.
This will take you to the Manage Method of Payment screen. Click Launch Billing Portal to launch the  Stripe billing dashboard.
Welcome to your Billing Page. If previously provided, this page should contain all current billing information, including subscription plan, frequency, payment methods, and the billing address on file. 

If you haven't added payment information yet, click add payment method under the Payment method section. If you are updating, you would click update payment information instead.
Once you have entered your card information, be sure the box below is marked to use this card as your default or Primary method of payment. Click Add and if successful, you will be taken back to the Stripe dashboard. Please confirm that all information is correct, then you are all done!