Audio Issues with Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer

If you're experiencing an issue with viewers reporting no audio on your stream on Edge/Internet Explorer 11, this is likely due to legacy encoding software/hardware using MP3 audio transcoding.  MP3 Audio is no longer supported by Microsoft browsers and will cause this issue.  You can confirm this by trying to view the broadcast in browsers such as Firefox or Chrome and it will still receive audio normally.  Your viewers should be able to watch normally on those browsers until you are able to upgrade your encoding software.


We suggest upgrading to a new Encoder/Encoding software that uses AAC audio codecs, such as OBS (free) or VMIX/WireCast (free to try).  Instructions on setting up those or other encoding software can be found in your MyStreamSpot portal.  Please see our Best Practices for more information on the settings we suggest using for the best viewing experience.