Cancellation Due to Non Payment

Cancellation Due to Non Payment: StreamSpot's Billing system will automatically cancel your account after 3 weeks of unsuccessful payment attempts. Our system is set to notify you anytime a payment attempt fails.

If your account has been canceled, please reach out to our billing team at for more information on how to reactivate your account. Please be prepared to update your payment information.

Upon reactivation, please note: 

*As with any cancellation your archives for your primary account will have been deleted.

*If you had sub accounts the system will give you the number of sub accounts you previously had upon reactivation, but these will be brand new sub accounts, for example:

  • Account titles are generic new sub-account titles
  • Facebook/YouTube integrations are gone
  • Publishing paths have changed (need to reinstall sync)
  • No historical analytics (archives, telemetry, and analytics will be gone)
  • Roku/FireTV Channels will be broken

Please, reach out to support once your account is reinstated, and we will assist in getting these issues resolved and you back up and running.

Reactivate a Canceled Account