Start and Stop a Broadcast Manually

1. Click the white space to the right of the "Automatic" and it will change to "Manual."

2. Click the "Start Broadcast" button. You will see a message to the right of the "Stop" button letting you know that the webcast is starting.  When it has actually begun, the "Stop Broadcast" button will light up. To the right, you will see "Broadcasting Now" with your live viewer count.



3. To stop the broadcast, simply click the "Stop Broadcast" button.

4. Be sure to change the Streaming Mode back to "Automatic" to ensure that the next scheduled broadcast will not be missed.


To learn more about the Portal User Guide in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:


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    Ruby Sullivan

    The instructions indicate this option of AUTOMATIC setting has to be installed remotely by the help desk. I am not able to switch it automatically independent of the support team's assistance according to what's in the knowledgebase. thanks