AXIS Camera Installation Guide

Keep in mind this is for most typical installations, and may not perfectly describe your setup or infrastructure. Please contact StreamSpot Support with any questions.

The appearance of your hardware may vary from what is displayed in this guide.


Tools/Equipment Needed 

a. Axis Camera 

b. Axis Ethernet Injector w/ Power Cable

c. StreamSpot Encoder w/ Power Cable

d. Mini to RCA Audio Cables

e. Network Switch

f. #10 & #20 Torque Drive

 Setup Instructions

1. Before powering on, REMOVE foam from Axis Camera (a) dome by removing the Torx screws and dome ring. (For specific instructions on how to remove the dome, please consult the instruction manual included with your Axis camera.)

2. Use Network Switch (e) to connect Internet, Axis Ethernet Injector (b) and StreamSpot Encoder (c) as indicated by the picture below.

3. Plug a network cable into Axis Camera (a) and run to the “Data & Power out” of the Axis Ethernet Injector (b). Connect the “Data In” port to the Ethernet cable connected to the Network Switch (e).

4. Connect the Ethernet cable from Network Switch (e) to StreamSpot Encoder (c).

5. Connect the power cable to StreamSpot Encoder (c).

6. Run Mini (3.5mm) to RCA (d) out from the soundboard and into the blue input jack on StreamSpot Encoder (c).

7. Turn on the StreamSpot Encoder and contact StreamSpot Technical Support by emailing or submitting a Help Ticket to complete your installation. 


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