Switcher Studio Pro (iOS)

Use Switcher Studio to broadcast to your StreamSpot account. Link your StreamSpot account with Switcher Studio Pro by entering your account details into the Switcher Studio Dashboard.


Configuring Switcher

You can create a new channel in one of two ways: Using the Online Dashboard or from Within the app.


Create a new channel from your Switcher Studio Dashboard1

  1. Log in to your Switcher Studio Pro dashboard and link your StreamSpot account from the "Link Streaming Service" menu.
  2. Once your channel has been created, click on the "Speed Test" button inside the newly created StreamSpot channel setting to automatically detect the best resolution and bit-rate for streaming at your internet connection. Click "Save" to save your settings.
  3. Now return to the Switcher Studio Pro app and go to the "Outputs Tab" (looks like a satellite dish). Tap on "Streaming Video Platform" followed by the button next to it. Swipe down on the RTMP Channels pane to sync your channels with the Dashboard.
  4. Select "StreamSpot" as your RTMP Channel.
  5. Tap "Rec + Broadcast" to start streaming to StreamSpot

Finding your RTMP values

  1. Once you are logged in to StreamSpot, click on "StreamSpot Tasks" from the navigation menu and then click on "Setup Your Streaming Equipment".
  2. In the Other Supported Equipment section, choose "View Setup Instructions" from the "Setup Your Device" drop down menu.
  3. Take note of the Server URL and Stream Name.


Create new channel from within the app

  1. Launch Switcher on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Open the “Outputs” tab (second tab on the bottom right panel).
  3. Select “Streaming Video Platform”. If it's already selected, tap the button on the right.
  4. Add a new channel by touching the button.
  5. In the “Server URL” field, enter the text you saw on StreamSpot, under “Server URL”.
  6. In the “STREAM” field, enter the text you saw on StreamSpot, under “Stream Name / Key/ID”. Tap “ok” to close the RTMP parameters window.
  7. You are now ready to stream. Just tap “Rec + Broadcast” to start streaming!
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