Matrox Monarch HD

The Matrox Monarch HD standalone streaming device provides a simple way to stream and record in high-definition without the use of a PC or Mac. The unit accepts any HDMI input and integrates easily with StreamSpot.

  • NOTE: SDI input is available with an optional upgrade.


Setup / Configuration:

1) Connect your audio and video devices to the Monarch.

2) Plug in your network cable and power on the unit.

3) Access the Monarch Command Center by following the instructions in the manual (run Monarch Finder to find the IP address of your unit).

4) Under the Device setup menu, select Automatic Configuration.

5) Copy and Paste the appropriate URL into the "webpage URL" box and click "Load". The link(s) can be found in your Portal or by going to

The Monarch will display a success message after the configuration loads successfully.


To Start:

Simply click the "Stream" button on the outside of the unit or click the "Stream" icon in the Command Center.



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