Matrox Monarch HD

Note: This encoder does NOT support automation - you must start and stop the stream from the encoder itself. Automated start / stop functionality is a function of StreamSpot Sync, which is only available on StreamSpot ONE encoders, or as an installation for Windows-based computers.


The Matrox Monarch HD standalone streaming device provides a simple way to stream and record in high-definition without the use of a PC or Mac. The unit accepts any HDMI input and integrates easily with StreamSpot.

NOTE: SDI input is available with an optional upgrade.


Setup / Configuration:

1) Connect your audio and video devices to the Monarch.

2) Plug in your network cable and power on the unit.

3) Access the Monarch Command Center by following the instructions in the manual (run Monarch Finder to find the IP address of your unit).

4) Under the Settings setup menu, select Stream.


5) Configure the encoding section as follows:

Set "operating mode" to "Stream and record"

Use stream settings for recording: Box Checked 
Width: 1280
Height: 720
Use input resolution: Box NOT Checked
Frame rate: If camera / video input is 59 or 60 FPS, this should be set to half. If camera / video input is 29 or 30 FPS, this should be set to full.
Target video data rate: 2400 (the other fields will populate automatically)
Include audio: Box Checked


Profile: Main
Frame slices:
Deblocking filter:
Box NOT checked



6) Navigate down to the "Streaming" section. Make sure "RTMP" is selected.

You'll need your StreamSpot RTMP URL and Stream Key, you can get them on the "Setup Streaming Equipment" page of your MyStreamSpot portal.

For 'Server URL' - enter your RTMP URL.

For 'Stream name' - enter your Stream Key.

Leave "Username" and "Password" blank.


Verify all of the settings on-screen, then hit "Apply" at the top of the page.


7) Navigate to Settings > Audio


 Set Audio bit rate to 128 kbs, then hit "Apply".


Start Streaming

To start streaming and / or recording, you can either use the buttons on the front of the device, or via the Command Center web-interface.

Hardware Buttons

Simply press the "Stream" button. If you'd like a local backup recording to a flash-drive or other device, press the "Record" button also. Your stream will still be recorded by StreamSpot regardless. 


Web Interface Buttons

1) Navigate to "Control"


You'll see three buttons:


In the image above - The button on the left will start streaming. The button on the right will stream, and also create a local backup recording - if you have a storage device plugged in. The button in the center will ONLY record to your local storage and not stream at all.

Press the appropriate button to start. When you're done, hit the button again to stop.