Enable Vimeo Integration

To access and enable Vimeo Integration, visit https://mystreamspot.com/integration/vimeo.  

Alternatively, login into the MyStreamSpot portal, then click the "StreamSpot Tasks" menu and select Vimeo Integration.

Once on the Integration page, you will need to sign into Vimeo and activate the feature.




Click on Step #1 - "Sign In to your Vimeo Account"


After signing in, click on Step #2 - "Activate Vimeo Integration"  


Click "Allow"

Your Vimeo account is now connected with your StreamSpot account.  

To share videos, go to "Archive Management" and click on the "Send" button located under the Vimeo tab.


If your Vimeo plan is PLUS or PRO level or you can also schedule a broadcast to automatically go to Vimeo when the archive posts. This can be done by choosing "Yes" in the Vimeo integration option when Scheduling an event. 


If your Vimeo account is at PRO level you can also utilize scheduled integration for recurring broadcasts with the StreamSpot PRO plan. 

FREE Vimeo accounts only have access to "Share" integration from the Manage Archives section of the portal detailed above. 

Check out this helpful video: