Audio is too quiet/loud/not working

If your audio levels are too loud or quiet, the best place to make adjustments is on your sound board. The streaming software pulls directly from what is being fed to your encoder and the software itself provides limited ability to affect your audio source. Consult your sound designer or staff member who runs your board for the best assistance.

If your audio is not working, the first place to check would be the soundboard:

  • Verify that the output channel is turned up and not muted.  

The next step would be to check the physical connections between the soundboard and encoder (computer):  

  • Verify that all of the connections are seated correctly.  

If your audio is still too quiet/loud/not working, please submit a ticket to


To learn more about how Audio works in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:


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    Russell Griffin

    Once again, No audio. This is not the first time. I am losing customers. They are going elsewhere because there is no audio. I just wasted another presentation. It is getting frustrating. Please don't give may bunch of technical jargon that only someone from MIT can figure out. And please don't tell me it is my camera equipment. It is all new and professionally installed. I have notified the installer. I wonder what his response will be.