Flash Media Live Encoder (Discontinued)

Notice: Flash Media Live Encoder is now a legacy application and has not received an update in over 11 years. Consider OBS as a free alternative.

The quality of the broadcast you send to StreamSpot will be dependent on the Internet upload speed at your venue - the higher the upload speed, the better the broadcast will look. Please determine your Internet upload speed using a speed test (here is a link to a free speed test) and based on your results, download the correct configuration file at https://mystreamspot.com/setup/other-encoders under Step 2.  

1. Once you have downloaded the appropriate XML file from the Set Up Equipment section of your MyStreamSpot.com Customer Portal, import it into Flash Media Live Encoder by clicking "File" -> "Open Profile" and browsing to the download location of the XML file. Select the XML file and click "Open" to complete the configuration.

  • Please note that it is not uncommon to receive a "Profile Validation" warning when importing the XML file.  This simply means that the default settings for each profile did not match your hardware (i.e. your source may not support 1280x720 video).

2. If the video from your video input does not display in the "Input" window, select your webcam from the "device" drop-down under Video and your audio input from the "device" drop-down under Audio.

3. After the profile is loaded, simply hit "start" to begin the stream.