These instructions are for an older version of XSplit.

Follow the steps below to set up XSplit with StreamSpot:

1. Within your XSplit Broadcaster, click on Broadcast -> Add channel -> Custom RTMP

2. Choose a Name (does not affect broadcast).

3. Enter the settings found in the Set Up Equipment section of your MyStreamSpot.com Portal (link here).

4. The quality of the broadcast you send to StreamSpot will be dependent on the Internet upload speed at your venue. The higher the upload speed, the better the broadcast will look. Please determine your Internet upload speed using a speed test (here is a link to a free speed test) and set your bitrate based on the upload results.

5. For Video Codec select "QuickSync H.264"

6. For Video Bitrate select 2000 Kbps

7. Click "OK"

8. From the "Broadcast" menu, simply select the name of the streaming profile you created in the previous step to start your broadcast.


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