Expired Archives

If you are missing an archive that you did not delete, first check the "Expired Archives" section. When an archive reaches its set expiration date, it is moved here. 


Managing Expired Archives:

1. To access this section, navigate to the "Archive Management" page and click on the "Active Archives" drop-down. Select "Expired Archives"


2. From here, the archives are arranged in chronological order. If found, you can choose to either "Restore" or "Delete Permanently". After clicking on the "Restore" button, an archive will appear under "Active Archives", and can be edited.



Expiration Date/Status:

1. To edit the set expiration date of an archive, start by clicking on the calendar icon under the Expiration setting.

2. Now, select the new date you would like and click "Set New Expiration Date" or set to never expire.



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