Podcast Creation

1. To create a podcast go to "Manage Archives".

2. Click the "Podcast" option on the archive you would like to edit.


Type a name for the podcast and click Generate Podcast from Archive.

Please note, when naming your podcast the following characters will not be accepted: 

% _ - ! ? \' | " & / , .

Attempting to use these characters will result in the following error when checking the status of your podcast.


3. The podcast will be created and should be available in about 5-10 minutes.

4. To view your podcast, go to "Archive Management".

5. Change the "Active Archive" option in the drop down menu to "Podcast".


6. You are now in the "Podcast Managment" section and can view all of your podcasts.

For iTunes Integration, checkout the following video:

To learn more about Archive Management in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below: