Capture Card - No Video / Black Screen

A capture card is an easy way to take the feed from an existing audio / video source and prepare it for encoding.  If your capture card is not displaying your inputs (i.e. black screen), here are several things to try:

  • If you have a USB, Thunderbolt, or Firewire capture card, try reconnecting the card to refresh the encoder.
  • Connect the card to a different USB port if available.
  • Ensure the resolution and frames per second settings in the encoder match that of the input source.
  • Ensure the correct input port is selected in the capture software (i.e. the camera is through HDMI but the capture card is configured to pull SDI).
  • Ensure no other program is open and pulling the signal from the capture card. (Some capture cards can only show the feed in one program at a time)
  • Restart the encoding computer or device.
  • Restart the device.
  • Ensure the drivers for the capture card are up-to-date and compatible with your encoding computer.

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