Wowza GoCoder

Broadcasting from an iOS device using StreamSpot is simple. For simplicity, the GoCoder App utilizes the built-in HD camera and microphone. To get started, you will need the GoCoder App from the Apple Itunes Store or Google Play Store.

  • Launch the Wowza GoCoder App, make sure you allow access to the microphone
  • On the top-right select "Connection Info"

  •  Select "Wowza Streaming Engine"

The settings below can be found in your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal Here

  • Click "Host"
    • For "Server" enter
    • For "Port" enter: 1935
    • Click "Back"
  • Click "Application"
    • For "Application" enter: live
    • For "Stream Name"
    • Click "Back"
  • Leave "Source Authentication" blank.
  • For the "Bitrate" on the bottom left of the screen, we recommend 700kbps. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality but it may lead to buffering and interruptions in your stream, especially if you're using a cellular connection.

Simply point your iOS device at what you would like your viewers to see and push the "stream" button.

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