Wowza GoCoder (iOS & Android)

Broadcasting from a smart-device using the GoCoder App utilizes the built-in HD camera and microphone. To get started, you will need the GoCoder App from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

  • Launch the Wowza GoCoder App, make sure you allow access to the microphone, camera, and storage
  • On the top-right select "Connection Info"

  •  Select "Wowza Streaming Engine"

The settings below can be found in your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal Here

  • Click "Application"
  • Leave "Source Authentication" blank.
  • For the "Bitrate" on the bottom left of the screen, we recommend 1.5 Mbps (1500 Kbps) - The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality but it may lead to buffering and interruptions in your stream, especially if you're using a cellular connection.

Simply point your device at what you would like your viewers to see and push the "stream" button.