Viewer Limits/Capacity

What is a Viewer Limit?

The various StreamSpot plans offer respective limits on concurrent viewers. Concurrent viewers are the number of live & on-demand viewers able to watch the broadcast at one time. To see how many viewers your plan allows, please refer to the "Plan Usage Summary" on the right-hand side of your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal. 


What you will see at the very bottom is the number of concurrent viewers allowed on your StreamSpot plan. Above are the most concurrent viewers you have had at one time during a broadcast. This is to help you be aware of your viewer load in case you are about to incur an overage charge.

What happens if I exceed my account's Viewer Limit?

If your Total Concurrent Viewers Exceed the Capacity Limit,

Additional viewer capacity is added to your account automatically in 100-viewer increments.

An email is sent to all MyStreamSpot Users for the account that has not opted out of receiving notifications letting you know that capacity has been added and that an invoice has been generated.

Please note: No viewers will be turned away or not able to view your stream if you do exceed the viewer limits.

Sample Email Notification: