Upload a Video to Your Archives

StreamSpot users have the ability to upload videos to the MyStreamSpot customer portal (Archive).   


  • Format: MP4, MOV, F4V, FLV or M4V
  • Must be less than 1.5 GB in size


1) Navigate to Archive Management (https://mystreamspot.com/archive/upload).

2) Click on "Upload" (located at the top right corner of the page).

3) You will now be taken to a new screen.  Click on "Choose File" and navigate to the file which you would like to upload.

4) After you select your file, click Upload to Archives.

If your file is accepted by the system, it will display information about the file. Please make note of this information in the event you experience issues with playback.

Our system will convert your uploaded file and post it to your on-demand archives.  Please be patient as the processing time varies by file size and (our) upload queue.


To learn more about the Portal User Guide in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:

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