Burning an Archive to DVD

In addition to providing viewers with a downloadable archive of services or events, StreamSpot customers can also burn their content to DVDs to share with those requesting a tangible copy.

Many of our customers use Wondershare DVD Creator, which allows easy trimming and burning from your downloaded mp4 file. It is always best to check with your other staff members who may already have DVD burning software on their computer, as well as the capabilities of your computer and DVD drive prior to burning a disc.

StreamSpot does not officially partner with any particular DVD burning software or create DVD's for our customers.

This article will focus on using Wondershare DVD Creator for burning your archive file.


1. To find this link, go to the "Manage Archives" section of your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal. You can also go directly to https://mystreamspot.com/archive/.

2. Find the individual archive you desire and click on the "Download" option.

3. Click on "Click to Download Your Archive", and your file will save to your local computer.

4. You will need to launch your DVD burning software, then load the file into the software. To do this in Wondershare, choose the "source" tab on the top Wondershare menu, click on the "+" on the left-hand column, then open the mp4 file you previously downloaded from your MyStreamSpot account.

5. Then, click on the pencil icon to edit the file in Wondershare. On the edit screen, you will be able to change your in and out points to trim your archive.

6. By dragging the triangles on the left and the right of the blue bar, you can set the new in and out points of your file. It is best to trim any padding from the beginning and end of your service in this way. When the archive is trimmed to your liking, click "okay".

7. You will now need to begin the burning process. Click on the "burn" tab on the top right of the Wondershare menu.

8. Ensure that the "burn" check box is selected and a DVD-R is placed in the burner drive listed on the screen. Label your disc in the last box, and then click "burn".

This short tutorial covers the broad strokes of burning a disc with Wondershare. Be sure to consult an online manual for the software for further explanation or questions.

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