Making an online payment for an outstanding invoice

 Our automated aging billing workflow will display a notice in the MyStreamSpot customer portal when your account meets the criteria ( IE, your invoice is past due, etc)


If you would like to pay an invoice online, you can do so through your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal. 

1. Start by going to "StreamSpot Tasks" and clicking on "Invoices and Billing" (


2. Next, find the necessary invoice and click "Pay invoice".



Choose whether to pay with the existing card on file (if applicable) or with a new card. 

Note: If you select "Use a different card to pay," this card will not be saved for future purchases. 


Your receipt is available immediately after clicking submit and you will receive an email confirmation of the payment.


To learn more about how StreamSpot Activation and Payments work, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:


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