Custom Venue Page

Your custom "Venue Page" is a unique StreamSpot hosted page showcasing your player and various customizable features.  Using the venue page is optional as you can easily embed your custom StreamSpot player in your website(s) instead.  

The image below shows the main sections of your venue page, each being fully customizable:


  • The "Share" option allows you to share each on-demand archive to Facebook or Twitter and provides the URL for a direct link to each archive:


  • The "Schedule" option gives a list of the upcoming broadcasts for the venue (excluding hidden or private broadcasts).  Clicking on an event allows viewers to set reminders for each broadcast:

  • The "Subscribe" option allows viewers to opt-in for a weekly email from your account containing your broadcast schedule for the upcoming week.  Viewers can unsubscribe at any time if desired.

  • If you have enabled the "Chat" option, it will appear during each live broadcast and allow your viewers to communicate during the live stream:


*Note: Chat must be enabled in your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal. For tips on using and monitoring the Chat feature click here


To learn more about the Venue Page in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below: