Teradek VidiU Setup

Note: This encoder does NOT support automation - you must start and stop the stream from the encoder itself. Automated start / stop functionality is a function of StreamSpot Sync, which is only available on StreamSpot ONE encoders, or as an installation for Windows-based computers.


The Teradek VidiU system can be set up two ways - from the app connected to your VidiU device(s) or the web interface. Below are instructions on how to configure StreamSpot with your device using each method.


App RTMP Setup


1. Start up your VidiU and from the device associated with it, click Settings.

2. Select Broadcast.

3. Choose Platform.

4. Select Manual.

5. In your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal, go to Setup Equipment > Other Supported Equipment > Setup Your Device (you can also reach it directly by going to https://mystreamspot.com/setup/other-encoders. Navigate to Step 2 to find the RTMP address and enter it in the URL field. 

6. Enter the Stream name as listed within the MyStreamSpot portal.

7. You also need to change the "Agent" field to FMLE.  If you don't do this, you will get a "Failed. Please verify username or password" message.

8. Leave the username and password fields blank. You can either save the profile for future use or return to the Platform menu (see above).

9. Select Apply in the upper-right corner and you can now begin streaming using the VidiU and StreamSpot.


Web Interface RTMP Setup

After navigating to the stream settings, you will open up the menu below.


The info needed can be found in your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal.

  • Go to Setup Equipment > Other Supported Equipment > Setup Your Device.

Navigate to Step 2 to find the RTMP address and enter it into the server URL box.

  1. Enter the stream name into the Stream box.
  2. Under "User Agent," ensure FMLE/3.0 is selected.
  3. Leave the Username and Password fields blank. 

Your VidiU should now be configured to your StreamSpot account.