Archiving Constraints

Note: Server-side recording is not available to accounts broadcasting 24/7 or continuously. In these cases, please ensure to keep local recordings if archiving is desired.

StreamSpot automatically records each live stream in your on-demand archives.  Below are some requirements to ensure your broadcast is properly recorded. While automated server-side recording is a very convenient feature for StreamSpot customers, we highly recommend recording your broadcasts locally as well for redundancy.

  • Broadcast must be encoded in H.264 (or x264) format using Baseline (3.0, 3.1) or Main (4.0).  Broadcasts sent using VP6 (Flash) will not be recorded.
  • Your on-demand archive will publish within 5 minutes of the end of your live broadcast.  You can access the archive at
  • In the event that the Internet connection is severed between your encoder and the streaming platform, the StreamSpot system will wait for 25-seconds for your encoder to reconnect and resume broadcasting and will automatically "append" the recording for a single, on-demand archive.
    • If your broadcast does not resume within 25-seconds, an on-demand archive is created from the first broadcast. Any subsequent broadcasts will be recorded separately.
  • If your archive exceeds 7GB of storage, a split archive will be generated.
  • if any single broadcast duration exceeds 5 hours server-side recording may be disabled until you start your next broadcast. If you plan to stream longer durations and wish to have archiving please let us know as additional storage capacity may be needed. 

If you do not wish to have your live broadcasts recorded, simply submit a Helpdesk ticket at and we can disable sever-side recording for your account.

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