Live: Air Solo Image Overlays

In Live: Air Solo you can choose images to bring over your video.

1. To manage these images, swipe in from the right side of the screen to reveal the overlay menu. 

2. There are several types of transitions to use from the top menu.  You also have control over the duration of time the effect takes.

3. To add a new image, tap "Add Overlay" and tap "Image". This will bring up your device's images.  Select the images you want to use and tap "Done."

4. You will now see the image in your overlay menu. To bring it into your broadcast, simply tap it, you can also perform a long tap to bring up options and editing features for the image.

5. You can pinch and zoom to change the size and rotation or change them by the +/- options in the menu. You can also change the opacity of the image and its location on the screen. To reset the changes you've made to the original image, tap the refresh icon. 


To learn more about the Advanced Features in Mobile Broadcasting Applications in StreamSpot, see the link to the other Knowledgebase article below: