Trimming an Archive (Start/End)

Archives should be trimmed to remove the idle time at the beginning and the end. It can also be used to select key moments to be added as a stand-alone Archive.

1) To trim an archive, click "Trim" in the row for that archive.


2) Play the archive or click on the timeline to the point where the video should start. Going to fullscreen mode will let you fine tune the starting point.

3) Click “Set In-point”. Repeat the process for the end point. 

 4) Enter a name for the trimmed video. Under “Hide the original” select "yes" to keep only the trimmed version or "no" to allow both the edited and original to stay visible.  Thumbnails for trimmed archives are now representative of the content in the video.

When you Trim an archive you will receive a note at the bottom for the Analytics of the said archive as shown below:



There is a limit of 4 trims per Archive. If you require more trimming, we suggest downloading your archive and using video editing software to perform those trims.

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