Using StreamSpot Sync in "Manual Mode"

The "Manual" Streaming Mode allows you to remotely start and stop your on-site streaming equipment from anywhere in the world.  This mode is useful for testing or events where the start and end times are unknown.  

  • For all other broadcasts, we recommend using the "Automatic" Streaming Mode that is driven by your broadcast schedule.

The "Manual" Streaming mode is also useful if you wish to use another device outside of your automated streaming equipment (i.e. a mobile device) to broadcast.  This will prevent your automated equipment from automatically starting if you have a scheduled broadcast to use with non-automated equipment.


How to Enable:

1. From the MyStreamSpot Customer Portal, select the "Manual" Streaming Mode.


2. To Start a broadcast, simply click the "Start Broadcast" button.

3. To End a broadcast, simply click the "End Broadcast" button.

  • Your on-site streaming equipment will start/stop broadcasting within one minute of pressing the button.