Creating a Password Protected Broadcast

Setting up a password protected broadcast is just like that of any one-time broadcast.

1. Go to "Manage Schedule."


2. Create a one-time broadcast.

3. Fill in all of the information and change "Viewer Access" to "Private."


You will now be prompted with an additional field to type in a password and an option to hide the broadcast from your calendar.  

4. Click "Add Broadcast" to schedule this broadcast.


***Please Note:  If you are doing a manual broadcast and start the stream before your scheduled time viewers will be able to access the stream until the scheduled time starts.  IE if you scheduled a stream for 10AM but start it at 9:55AM viewers will be able to access that stream and view it without a password.  At 10AM the password prompt will appear to new viewers, however, anyone watching will still watch normally unless they refresh the page.  We suggest not starting any password protected streams until the scheduled time. ***


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