Creating a Password Protected Broadcast

Password protection applies only to the StreamSpot Web Player. Password Protected Broadcasts remain public (will not prompt for a password) on the following platforms: OTT Apps (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc), any players or devices supplied with the HLS integration URL, as well YouTube and Facebook.

Setting up a password protected broadcast is just like that of any one-time broadcast.

1. Go to "Manage Schedule."


2. Create a one-time broadcast.

3. Fill in all of the information and change "Viewer Access" to "Private."


You will now be prompted with an additional field to type in a password and an option to hide the broadcast from your calendar.  


4. Click "Add Broadcast" to schedule this broadcast.


Please Note:  If your broadcast starts before your scheduled time viewers will be able to access the stream until the scheduled time starts.  IE if you scheduled a stream for 10AM but start it at 9:55AM viewers will be able to access that stream and view it without a password.  At 10AM the password prompt will appear to new viewers. 


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