Creating additional users and administrators and managing users.

A user's "Access Level" determines what they can see in the customer portal. "Administrators" have access to billing and user management, where "Users" do not.

1. To create additional users and administrators click on "Account Settings" in the top right corner of the portal.  

2. Click on "Manage Portal Users".


3. You should now see all of the current users and administrators on your profile.  To create a new user or administrator click "Add a New User".  


4. Enter the name, email address, and user type.  Again, "Administrators" have access to billing and user management, "Users" do not.

5. Click "Add User".


6. Your new user will receive an email shortly after containing their username and password.


To manage users simply find the user you want to make a change on and click the Actions

drop-down on the far right and click edit User


From there simply select the user rights you would like this user to have from the bottom drop down then make sure to save.



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