Chromecast Integration

Google's Chromecast is a revolutionary device that allows viewers to "cast" content from a Google Chrome browser directly to television.  StreamSpot offers Chromecast integration directly from your StreamSpot custom player.


  • The new StreamSpot player - If you have not built a new player, please do so by clicking here.
  • A Chromecast device

NOTE: The Chromecast device and StreamSpot player must be connected to the same network.

  • Google Chrome with the Chromecast extension downloaded and enabled.



1. During a live or on-demand broadcast, you will see the Chromecast icon in the top-right of your StreamSpot player.

2. Choose the appropriate Chromecast device from the list (please note that there may be more than one on your network).

3. The broadcast will begin playing on your television.  To stop, simply click on the "Back" icon on your StreamSpot player.

*Due to limitations on the Chromecast platform, live broadcasts encoded using MP3 audio will not be available for playback.



Visit the link(s) below to troubleshoot known Chromecast issues: