Scheduling a Simulated-Live Broadcast

A "Simulated-Live" broadcast is a live stream that uses one of your on-demand archives as the source. You can select a previously recorded broadcast, or upload your own content for playback.   A form in the MyStreamSpot portal allows you to select the on-demand archive you wish to broadcast and stream live to your players like a regular live stream. You can also now stream to Facebook Live with a Simulated-Live broadcast.


Maximum Resolution and Bitrate

  • PREMIERE and PRO customers: 1920x1080p @ 5mbps
  • LITE customers: 1280x720p @ 3.5mbps



To ensure simulated live videos are fully queued up prior to their broadcast time, the scheduler requires at least a two-minute duration and 5 full minutes between scheduling time and broadcast start.


1. Navigate to "Manage Broadcast Schedule" (

2. Select "Add Simulated-Live Broadcast"



3. Choose the on-demand archive you wish to play back during your simulated-live broadcast.


4. If the chosen archive is valid for use for a simulated-live, and approval message will appear on the screen.



Note: If the selected archive cannot be used for a simulated-live, a message will appear informing you as to why.simulated_invalid.png

5. Choose a "Start Time" for the simulated-live broadcast

    • Please note that the "End Time" of the broadcast is set automatically based on the duration of the on-demand archive you have selected.

6. Other options such as pushing to "Facebook Live" as well as "Viewer Access" and schedule visibility can be specified as well

6. When finished, click "Add Broadcast."



1. Navigate to "Manage Broadcast Schedule" (

2. Simulated-Live broadcasts will be denoted with the cloud-arrow icon:


3. Select the simulated-live broadcast you wish to edit and click "Edit Simulated Broadcast" and modify your broadcast details.

4. When finished, click "Update Simulated-Live Broadcast."



1. Navigate to "Manage Broadcast Schedule" (

2. Simulated-Live broadcasts will be denoted with the cloud-arrow icon (as shown above)

3. Select "Delete Simulated-Live Broadcast"

    • Please note: Deleting a simulated-live broadcast already in-progress will not terminate the live stream.  Once a simulated-live broadcast has started, it will play the entire duration of the selected on-demand archive.


  • Simulated-Live broadcasts are not recorded by the streaming platform which prevents multiple-recordings of the same broadcast
  • If you are a Pay-per-use customer, simulated live broadcasts do count against your live-broadcast hours for the month. Fixed rate and unlimited customers do not incur charges for simulated-live broadcasts.
  • Facebook Live Simulated-Live is only available to StreamSpot Pro and Premiere plan customers.



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