To view your venue's statistics, click on "View Statistics" located under the "Popular Tasks" section of the portal.  

The first graph shows the total number of viewers and average time spent watching for each live broadcast during the time period specified.


You can change the time period by clicking Previous 2 Weeks or Next 2 Weeks.  

This time period reflects on the rest of the statistics and options located on the viewer statistics page.  

Located underneath the primary graph, you have the option to view statistics by a particular date or event.  Simply click the drop-down menu, select your date, then click "Show Date Stats."


The dates that you can select in this option are determined by the time period you selected in the primary graph.  For example, if you would like to view a specific date from 2 weeks prior, click Previous 2 Weeks at the top of the page then select the date in the "Viewers by Event or Date" section.  

Statistics on a specific date or event gives you a detailed analysis of who viewed your broadcast, where they viewed it from, and what device they used.  



You can download an Excel spreadsheet of this data by clicking "Export All Results to CSV".


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