Activate a suspended account

Our automated billing workflow will display a notice in the MyStreamSpot customer portal when your account meets the criteria ( IE, your invoice is past due, etc). To pay an invoice, navigate to




In the event your account is suspended for non-payment, please follow these steps to reactivate the account:

1. Click "review & pay outstanding invoices" button:


2. Select the outstanding invoice you wish to pay and click "Pay Invoice":


3. If you have a valid method of payment on file you can use it to pay the invoice; otherwise, you can use a different card to pay the invoice:


4. After you have paid the outstanding invoice(s), your account will be reactivated.  Click on the success message to return to your dashboard and continue using your StreamSpot service.


To learn more about how StreamSpot Activation and Payments work, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:

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