Poor Audio Quality

Poor audio quality is typically a result of the following:

  • The audio feed to the encoder (computer) is turned down too low.
  • The feed is un-grounded and results in a constant hum during your broadcast.



1. Check the physical connections.  Make sure all of the cables are properly seated.  Also, make sure that the cables are in the proper jacks.  The blue jack on a PC is usually for L/R line-in and should be your first choice.  The pink jack is a mic in and the green is a line-out (used for headphones or speakers).  

2. Sound levels may also affect the quality.  You want the volume in the encoder (computer) turned up relatively high.  It is easier to manage sound levels from your sound system rather than the encoder. You also do not want an extremely loud or powerful signal from the board being pushed to the encoder because the encoder's volume is too low.  This will cause static, feedback, or a crackling noise.

3. Minimize the devices that the audio travels through.  You want as direct of a path as possible. Compensators, amps, repeaters, and compressors can be useful tools but also cause horrible audio issues if not set up properly. Try taking the audio directly from the outbound jack on the soundboard to the line-in on the encoder (computer).  

4. The last step would be to try new wires or a different soundboard.  It is pretty rare for a soundboard or wire to go bad, but does happen.  


To learn more about how Audio works in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:


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    Virginia Yorzinski

    We installed a new encoder last week. For some reason, it went down this weekend. We had to reboot. The video came back, but now there is only a loud hum and no other audio. We had to press the "reset" button on the encoder when we rebooted. Do we need to reconfigure anything? Can Streamspot look into this issue as soon as possible? Thank you.