Wirecast Source Setup

Wirecast from Telestream is industry leading production software that allows you to integrate multiple cameras and production elements like shot transitions, graphics and video into your broadcast. StreamSpot is a proud Wirecast partner allowing for simple integration.

In this article, you will learn how to setup a source in Wirecast.

Hover your mouse over the "+" icon (located in the red square below) to see the source options.

The camera icon gives you video options and the speaker icon allows you to edit audio.

Select the camera that you wish to use for this shot.  You can have multiple shots in Wirecast.

If you are using an IP camera that is secured with a username and password click the Show Source Settings button.

Click on the camera.

On the bottom right of the camera settings, you will see a Stream Authentication option.  Click this and enter the username and password.  You may have to click connect (located right next to the authentication button) to force Wirecast to connect to the camera.

After your video options are selected, click the speaker icon and select the audio device you wish to use.


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