Wirecast Streaming and Shots

Wirecast from Telestream is industry leading production software that allows you to integrate multiple cameras and production elements like shot transitions, graphics and video into your broadcast. StreamSpot is a proud Wirecast partner allowing for simple integration.

*Please make sure you have gone to MyStreamspot and completed in MyStreamSpot ---> Setup your streaming equipment ---> Wirecast ---> Setup Wirecast to ensure you have Wirecast properly setup*

After this article, you will successfully know how to stream in Wirecast and know how to control Wirecast using multiple cameras.

To start a stream simply click Stream located in the top left.

The screen on the left shows the shot that is on stand-by.  The right screen shows the shot that is currently live.  To switch between shots, click the arrow button located below both of those screens.

To put a shot on stand-by, click the icon of the shot located below the screens (highlighted in yellow).

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