StreamSpot Player Controls


These are currently Gen 3 features, which is still in Beta 


StreamSpot provides a video player for every customer so you and your viewers can enjoy your content. Below we'll go over the basic controls for your players. StreamSpot players include the option to select a desired bitrate or resolution that best fits each viewer's environment.

1. To display the available qualities, click the "Gear" icon in the lower right-hand corner of the player.


2. The "auto" selection is selected by default. This option analyzes the viewer's environment variables including screen size, Internet speed, and system capabilities to deliver the appropriate quality.  

3. To manually set the desired quality, select the entry from the list, then a new resolution and bitrate will play.



Additionally, your player has a DVR feature. This feature allows you to rewind the live video!  When enabled a "Live" button appears on the player.


When clicked the player jumps to the live broadcast, but the viewer also has the ability to scrub back to the begging of the broadcast. At the time of this feature release, DVR is unlimited (ie. a 36-hour broadcast, can scrub back 36 hours)



You can customize The DVR options (and more) to your liking from the Player Management page of your Customer Portal.