Create & Manage Multiple Players

Each StreamSpot account includes up to 4 custom players (limit subject to increase or decrease).  Having multiple players enables you to create function-specific players.  For example, you can have a "live-only" player for your homepage, a "live & on-demand" player for your media page and a "category player" for a special events page of your website.

To create additional players:

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Add New Player"

3. Your new player will be created as a "live & on-demand" player with default settings.  The name of the player will be "New Custom Player created [date] by [username]".  You can easily edit the name using the player builder.

4. To view a list of all of your custom players, click the "Your StreamSpot Players" link or navigate to

5. To Edit an existing player, simply click on the "Edit Player":

6. To Delete a player, simply click the "Delete Player" button.  Please note, you must have at least 1-active player for your account.


7. After clicking delete, you will be prompted to confirm deletion of your player. 


NOTE: After you delete the player, any websites containing the iframe or oEmbed of the player will load a blank player with an error message.


To learn more about how to Build and Edit your Players in StreamSpot, see the links to the other Knowledgebase articles below:

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