AXIS Streaming Assistant Setup

AXIS Streaming Assistant is free software that enables you to capture your AXIS IP camera as a standard input device for most encoding software packages.  To utilize AXIS Streaming Assistant, follow these steps:

1) Download AXIS Streaming Assistant (free):

2) Once the download completes, run the installer file.

3) After installation, AXIS Streaming Assistant will check your local network for AXIS IP cameras. If one is found, you will be prompted to add a new video channel.

If one is not found, try using Axis IP Utility:

  • Download Axis IP Utility
  • Install and Run the utility
  • Enter the IP address of the camera ( in the example above, yours will likely differ).

4) On the next screen, enter the username and password you have assigned to the AXIS camera.  The camera may also have a default name which can be modified as shown below.

5) The software may prompt you to install (required) audio and video codecs.  It is recommended that you install them.  Once the installation completes, the camera will be listed with an "OK" status.

6) Launch your desired encoding software (Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 shown here) and the camera will be listed as a video source:

PLEASE NOTE: AXIS Streaming Assistant is a 32-bit software, which means that 64-bit software (i.e. Wirecast 6+, OBS 64-bit, vMix 64-bit) will not list sources from this program.

For more help with AXIS, see the links to other Knowledgebase articles below: