Multiple Bitrate (MBR) - vMix

This article will help to set up VMix for Multiple Bit Rate encoding.


NOTE: MBR must be enabled for your account. Please follow these instructions to obtain the appropriate stream names from StreamSpot support.


Begin by clicking on the Stream Settings icon located next to the Stream Start button.


Click the gear icon next to the Quality drop-down menu.


Now enter your bitrates with your highest rate in the second spot.

  • The sum of the three-bit rates must not exceed 5 mbps.

Lastly, please send a message to notifying them of your resolutions and bitrates.  A screenshot similar to the one below is preferred. 

Back at your stream settings, you will need to put in your stream credentials under the Custom RTMP option. To find the necessary settings, log into your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal at

After you fill out your stream name please add the extension _mbr at the end.

  • Your stream name should appear as: mp4:[your stream name]_mbr


Save your settings and multiple bitrates should now be available.